August 17, 2015 — Florida Wedding!

The first task of the day was to write this report. So how did it get to be 8:30 PM?

Last week I was in the office half of the week, and in Florida the rest of the week. I worked hard to finish a newsletter focused on family news, and was pleased to complete it before we left on our trip. I nailed down the fall staff meetings for Mid-Atlantic and New England and worked on other scheduling. We have information about our Mexico City ministry on three different websites. I translated some text from Spanish and made sure all three were up to date.

Ruth and I flew to Florida to attend the wedding of our long-term Mexican staff, Zurielly Martinez. We left a couple of days early to visit my mother’s cousin and best friend in Bradenton, near Tampa. It was a wonderful visit. The wedding on Saturday in Orlando was wonderful and beautiful. We were glad to see Zurielly’s family and be part of this happy occasion. I am glad we could represent RUF for someone who has been an incredibly faithful servant for many years. Zury and Collin will move to France later this month so that he can continue his graduate studies there.

This week features more planning and preparation, with perhaps some time in the garden if the weather permits. On Wednesday we take Benjamin to Grove City College in western Pennsylvania.