August 10, 2015 — Home Again!

I was expecting to be working in the garden now, but the Tuesday rain appears to have arrived early.

We had a wonderful vacation in Alaska! Peter and Megan are staying with her parents there, and they were wonderful hosts. We arrived in Anchorage on Saturday in pouring rain, which kept up all the next morning. We attended the PCA church in Anchorage, at which we were preceded by Christopher the previous week. We arrived in Kenai shortly before an amazing dinner of grilled salmon and vegetables. Peter and I rushed off to the Bible study he leads right after dinner.

Christopher had arrived in Alaska early in July, having finished his tour with the Foreign Service in June. He had been sight-seeing, and had arrived in Kenai a few days before we did. Stephen arrived on Monday, and I made the three-hour trip to Anchorage on Wednesday to pick up Daniel, Ginny, and Benjamin. From all parts of the globe, everyone made it!

In spite of my many attempts, I was thwarted in my intention to work on some of the on-going projects – like installing windows and gutters in the new barn that Peter and Megan’s father built last fall. We took a cruise in Kachemak Bay and saw a whale, sea otters, puffins, etc. We hiked along Lake Skilak and roasted hot dogs on the beach. One day Megan’s father took us out on his boat – a real treat! Our most ambitious excursion was to Exit Glacier, in which some of us hiked to the 3500 ft. summit. I posted pictures on Facebook here.

We arrived home last Wednesday, and have been unpacking, going through the mail, etc. I’ve plunged back into RUF office work, including the beginnings of my fall travel schedule. My travels involve a tangled web of conflicting interests, and it takes me several weeks to sort it out.

On Wednesday Ruth and I head to Florida. First we’ll visit my mother’s best friend, and then attend the wedding of our long-term Mexican staff, Zurielly.