July 25, 2015 — Staff Training.

Ruth an I are on the way to Alaska! All the children will be there – the first time in three years.

I left you as I was heading to Atlanta last Friday to meet our Mexican staff, Barush Sanchez and Monse Santiago. We spent all day Saturday training for campus ministry and fund-raising. Sunday we worshiped at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Athens, GA.

Staff training began for everyone on Monday, so Barush and Monse had to adapt to an American meal schedule. It was a good week. In addition to the normal training, we had a marriage conference with John Cox. He is an excellent speaker and the conference was quite helpful. I taught two sessions, supervised the second year track, met with most of the men I supervise, and had some other valuable conversations. It is demanding to fit all this into one week, so by Friday I am always exhausted. Ruth had a good prayer time with wives and helped with transportation. I’m glad she was there!

Barush and Monse are traveling through the U.S. for a few days raising funds for the ministry in Mexico City. Pray for success!

We will be in Alaska until August 5. I expect to make my next post in the following week.