July 17, 2015 — Assessment, Take 2 – and More!

Wow, this week has been a blur. But first, back to last week.

Ruth and I spent July 4th with friends in New Jersey and stayed over to attend Tenth Presbyterian Church. Afterwards we caught a flight to Atlanta for RUF Assessment.

Eighteen men came to Assessment last week. Three were single, and the rest came with their wives. As always, it was an enjoyable, but demanding week. The enjoyable part was meeting and getting to know so many wonderful people. The demanding part was the intense schedule. If RUF’s future depends on these people, we’re in good shape. A bonus was meeting someone who might be able to minister at Yale. But I’m not allowed to talk about that yet, so pray, but don’t tell anyone!

We flew home on Friday, and spent the weekend on housework, a party, a dinner, and a play. We enjoyed a visit with RUF Lehigh alumni on Sunday.

This week I made a quick trip to Maryland. I had not seen my brothers since April, so I drove to Hagerstown and checked up on them. Then I caught up with Chris Garriott in College Park, Nick Owens in Delaware, and Trip Beans in Millersville, PA. I will see most of the men I supervise next week, but don’t have time for everyone. Seeing these men this week made next week manageable. While in D.C. I met with a pastor to discuss bringing RUF to one of the D.C campuses.

Yesterday I set up the U.S. visit of our two Mexican staff. Barush Sanchez and Monse Santiago will be leading our ministry in Mexico City next year, and they are coming to staff training next week. While they are in the U.S., I am arranging for them to present their ministry here and there and raise the funds they need. It’s a lot of work, but I am hopeful that it will pay big dividends.

In a moment I will board the flight to Atlanta. Today and tomorrow I will be orienting the Mexican staff, next week we have staff training, and from there we fly to Alaska to visit our children. Pray for our travels, for funds for the Mexican staff, and for staff training next week!