May 17, 2015 — Summer Conference, Week 2!

We survived! Actually we did more than survive. Last week we had a wonderful RUF Summer Conference with over 1200 students.

It was different. Most of the ministers and many interns had to stay on a property a mile away and we ran a shuttle back and forth all day. Meal lines were long. It was crowded! But we didn’t hear any complaints from students. Thunderstorms threatened for three days, but it rained only 5 minutes all week. Most of all, students really appreciated the teaching. I posted a couple of pictures on our Northeast website,

On Tuesday I joined the other coordinators for our May meeting. It was good to be together! We spent a long time discussing how to improve staff training and the intern program. During the rest of the week I met with the men I supervise, prepared for performance reviews, and kept up with office work.

This week we have 500 students for the third week of this conference. Ricky Jones, a former RUF Campus Minister is preaching. Pray for God to convert the lost and edify the believers!