May 31, 2015 — Summer Conference, Week 3!

Actually Summer Conference Week 3 ended over a week ago. We’ve just been spending the past week catching up from three weeks away from home.

The last week of RUF Summer Conference was as good as the first two. For me it was a little more rewarding. More of the men I supervise were there, the crowd was less overwhelming, and I had encouraging conversations. Oh, and since the meeting hall was not packed, I was able to hear the evening sermons. Ricky Jones, former RUF minister now pastor, preached wonderful messages from Romans.

So overall Ruth and I had a wonderful three weeks in Florida. It was simultaneously stimulating, rejuvenating, and productive. We’re ready to sign up for next year!

Last week we devoted ourselves to mail, chores, yard work, email, etc. I met with some people here in town and prepared a message for chapel at Benjamin’s homeschool co-op. I also worked on my June schedule. I’m going to make a quick trip to New England to catch a few things I missed in April, and I’m going to Newfoundland to see Benjamin’s robot compete in the international competition.

Tomorrow I catch an early flight to Atlanta for New Staff Orientation, and on Friday Ruth and I will fly to Mexico City for the ten year celebration of the RUF ministry there.