May 8, 2015 — Summer Conference, Week 1!

Today is the last day of the first week of RUF Summer Conference. Last week Ruth and I plowed through a long list of office and house projects in preparation for being away three weeks. Last Saturday we flew to Panama City Beach, FL. On Sunday we drove to Pensacola to worship at Circle PCA, a church plant pastored by Clif Wilcox, who used to work with us in RUF.

Staff arrived during the weekend, and students came on Monday. It’s been an excellent week. Weather has been sunny and mild. Leo Schuster has been preaching from psalms, and is delivering wonderful messages. You can’t see him in the picture, but it is of the evening meeting while Leo is preaching. Ruth and I have been meeting with staff who are here, and I’ve been catching up with the campus ministers I supervise. I’ve also been busy much of each day emailing my ministers and pastors in my area. We’re lining up financial support for the new ministry at the University of Delaware, and we’re thinking about starting a ministry in D.C.

Tomorrow everyone goes home, and Monday another group arrives. Next week we’re expecting a full camp of over 1200 students, plus interns, ministers, and families. Pray for God to work powerfully through His word in the lives of these students!