March 14, 2015 — Boston

It’s Pi day! We (and everyone on Facebook, it seems) are celebrating by eating pie. At 9:26:53 today’s date and time represent the first 10 digits of the number pi (3.141592653).

On Monday I made the six hour trip to Boston. I began Tuesday by meeting with Bob Sawyer, who is our presbytery contact for the Boston ministries. We discussed the current works at Harvard, MIT, and Boston University – and also some expansion possibilities. I spent the rest of the day with Jeremy Mullen, campus minister at Harvard, and had dinner with him and his wife Adrienne that night.

Wednesday began with a meeting with David Richter, who is planting a church near Tufts University. We think his work will be much enhanced by an RUF ministry at Tufts. The question is when and how to go about it. Jeremy and I went to Daily Prayer at noon, then had a delightful lunch with two students. Afterwards we met with a seminary student who is interested in a new RUF in the D.C. area. I had dinner with another seminary student who would like to begin an RUF ministry in Indianapolis, but is not yet in the PCA. I enjoy these opportunities to help seminary students find their place in ministry, and see if we can help them find a place in RUF. That evening I attended the Large Group meeting of Harvard RUF. Jeremy and I had a massive breakfast on Thursday morning before I headed back home.

One highlight of my trip was meeting two freshmen and two sophomores, a man and a woman from each class. These four students seem committed to ministry and eager to provide leadership for RUF. Pray for Jeremy as he seeks to develop them this spring and in the years to come.

Ruth had surgery to remove a kidney stone on Friday. The operation went well, and I’ve been playing nurse yesterday and today. Last week my Dad, this week my wife. I see a pattern.

Tomorrow I head to Atlanta for the spring meeting of the RUF oversight committee. Pray for God to guide us as we lead RUF!