March 22, 2015 — Atlanta

Last week at this time I was flying to Atlanta for the semiannual meeting of the RUF oversight committee. It was a good meeting, and I enjoyed jogging outside in the 75° sunshine. I did not enjoy that somehow my phone did a factory reset while jogging, wiping out all my data. Everything was backed up so I didn’t lose anything, but it was a nuisance restoring it all.

We coordinators had our own meeting on Wednesday, in which the most significant business was placing the last batch of interns. We have over 70 new interns this year – a record! In my area Pitt, Lehigh, and UConn will get interns for the first time. A total of seven campuses in the Northeast will have interns next year – another record. Pray for these interns as they raise funds and prepare to minister on campuses all over the country.

I came home Wednesday night, and the rest of the week I juggled the spring newsletter, preaching, house chores, and a visit from an old friend. I finished the newsletter yesterday – a week ahead of schedule! (If you’d like to receive our Northeast newsletter, but aren’t, email us at The Mitchell family has been sick, including Scott, so I reworked an old sermon and preached at Lehigh Thursday night. On Friday I met with the roofer who is going to fix a leak on our old slate roof.

Tomorrow I head to Vermont for the New England staff meeting. On Wednesday my supervisor is coming to town, and on Thursday we’re going to Westminster Seminary to pitch RUF to the students there.