March 8, 2015 — Maryland

After typing last week’s report I headed to Philadelphia to pick up Stephen at the airport. He finally made it out of Texas, through the winter weather, and safely home. We arrived at 2:00 am Monday.

My father had been in the hospital with multiple problems and was released last Saturday. On Monday I hauled myself out of bed and headed to Hagerstown, MD to help care for him. When I arrived, I learned that the winter has been hard on my brothers. One of their wives had also been in the hospital. All these weekend storms, low temperatures, and hospitalizations have meant that they have been to church only twice since the new year. It meant a huge amount to them that they could go about their business while I watched after my father.

On Thursday Hagerstown received the latest snowstorm of the season. Ten inches of beautiful snow fell during the day. By afternoon I was restless, so I shoveled the driveway.

The supreme irony of the week is that my father’s health improved. No one would rank nursing anywhere near the top of my skills, but he seems better. I worked on phone calls and email while there.

Today I’m at Proclamation Presbyterian Church for their missions conference. Tomorrow I head to Boston to see Jeremy Mullen at Harvard and meet prospective staff. Thursday Ruth has surgery to remove her kidney stone. Pray for my travels and Ruth’s operation.