April 24, 2022 — Behind the Scenes

I hope you get the picture that Ruth and I keep pretty busy. We enjoy the work in the church and community, with campus ministers, and all the other ministry that comes our way. Less enjoyable, but not painful, is the administrative work that keeps everything else going. Less enjoyable, and less newsworthy. I fear that my posts for the next couple of months might not be very exciting as we lay the foundation for productive service in Southeast Asia.

I began last week by filing our tax returns. ­čśĹ I discussed some accounting issues with our treasurer. I finished recording my Sunday School class on worship, but it’s not posted yet. I’ll provide a link when it’s available. I researched a domain for our new ministry. We need something that is generally descriptive, but will not alert anyone to anything┬áthat might appear sensitive. The immediate impetus for this move is the need to acquire secure email addresses. Rather┬áthan┬áDavid@techcorporation.com, we plan to link our domain to some secure email provider and create David@newdomain.org. And I spent a good chunk of time cleaning up our contact list. ­čśÉ

Next week we’ll continue behind the scenes preparation, with a presbytery meeting included.

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