January 16, 2022 — Welcome 2022!

Is it true that my last post was December 20 last year? We’ve spent the time since then engaged in hearty celebrations of the incarnation of our Lord while keeping up with routine home and ministry responsibilities. Christopher, Stephen, and Benjamin were here for a few days before Christmas. Stephen’s fiancee, Annie, came with him. Daniel’s family had returned to England after Thanksgiving, and they celebrated Christmas there. The day after Christmas everyone here drove to West Virginia and spent several days with Peter’s family. Eventually everyone returned to their own places. It was a wonderful holiday, and we were sad to see them go.

In addition to routine ministry activities, I preached at our church on January 2. You can view the sermon here. Matt (our pastor) and I have ongoing conversations about the direction of our congregation. A fundamental issue is our building, which is too small for much growth. We have talked about some alternatives and have looked at some possibilities.

After polishing up immediate urgent matters, Ruth and I took a brief holiday to coincide with the college football national championship. We found a reasonable hotel where we could rest and watch the game.

We may have found a way to visit the site of our proposed overseas ministry. Travel in these COVID times is frustratingly difficult. I’ll be spending much of the next weeks working on travel arrangements.

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