September 12, 2021 — Family Focus

I taught the second in my series on worship in the adult Sunday School class this morning. I got one compliment again! I also got a bundle of questions and comments. Those are good, too. Right?

I dedicated last week to recovery from our week away, preparation for the fall, and family. The memorial service for Ruth’s mother was yesterday, and family began arriving on Thursday. I officiated at a graveside service, Peter Green assisted in the memorial service, and the pastors of Ruth’s mother’s church led the memorial service. A lot of friends joined us, and it was a wonderful weekend. But tiring! We had enough energy left over for the church picnic this afternoon, and this evening Ruth and I attended a concert at Lehigh University in which my clarinet teacher was performing. Our next act is bedtime!

I have agreed to lead an evening Bible study on Daniel. I expect this week to have a more regular pattern.

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