May 16, 2021 — Mid-Atlantic Summer Conference

It was an amazing week! Our pastor, Matt Franchetti, preached from Ruth each evening, Oliver Pierce (IUP) organized the worship team, Nate Bower (Akron) produced sporting events, Calais (Intern at Penn State) took pictures, and campus ministers taught seminars. I wrote Bible studies and devotional guides, and taught three seminars. Peter Green (WVU) did all the prep work and directed the week. He did a masterful job. There were no COVID incidents, and everyone had a wonderful time. I posted a few pictures here.

Four schools participated: Penn State, West Virginia University, Millersville University, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The weather was terrific and the facility was well-suited to our group. I taught Evangelism for Ordinary Christians, Finding God’s Will, and Navigating Personality Differences. All were well-attended and the students were very attentive. Ruth spent the week with the moms and helped with all the children. Morale was high and the ministries at these schools are well-prepared for next year. Praise God for many answered prayers!

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