November 1, 2020 — Pittsburgh and Akron

Eli is studying a toy catalogue, Ameilia is building bridges on a computer, Isaac is watching a Little Bear video, Lydia is taking a nap, Megan and Ruth are folding laundry — everything is peaceful and happy at Peter Green’s house — at least for five minutes!

I had to stay in the Lehigh Valley last Monday because I was called for jury duty. At 3:00PM I was dismissed, so Ruth and I drove out to Pittsburgh on Tuesday morning. I visited with Derek Bates that night. Ruth and I visited Derek and Luda in their new house Wednesday morning. Their house is close to campus, as was our hotel, so we walked over. The house has a lot of possibilities, but it needs a lot of work and Derek has been intensely busy getting it in order. I walked to campus where I met Callie (campus staff) for lunch, then Zenny (intern), and a student in succession. Pitt RUF is a mature ministry and this fall they have continued a weekly Large Group Meeting and several Bible studies — all online. Nothing seems right and it is difficult to maintain any momentum, but the ministry goes on. Ruth and I had dinner with Derek and Luda that night.

I met Derek for breakfast before heading to Akron, Ohio on Thursday morning. The University of Akron is a more fragmented community than Pitt and the RUF ministry is not as mature, so it has been much harder to hold things together during this pandemic. Nate Bower did very extensive social media outreach and picked up a couple of people, but RUF at Akron has shrunk. Given the circumstances it was inevitable. Nate has not given up, but is pursuing all available opportunites to minister to students. He is a wonderful campus minister! We had lunch on Thursday, and our wives joined us at dinner. I had a good morning with Nate on Friday discussing how RUF is responding to COVID and reminding ourselves that our acceptance by Jesus is not dependent on our performance.

Ruth and I arrived in Morgantown Friday night. I plan to help Peter with a house project, then return to Bethlehem in time to vote on Tuesday.

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