February 16, 2020 — Dallas

Last week started out intense. I returned Saturday evening from the Western Mid-Atlantic Training Conference in Pittsburgh. Sunday morning I taught Sunday School, then Ruth and I flew to Dallas for RUF Assessment where we evaluate couples for suitability in campus ministry. The Assessment schedule is relentless, but we kept up and arrived home late Wednesday night. The rest of the week was a steadier pace.

Ruth and I love participating in Assessment. We get to meet new RUF candidates and consider who might serve in the Northeast. We get the spend a few days with RUF colleagues. And we get to be together! There were 13 candidates and all were approved!

On Thursday and Friday I made arrangements for the Eastern Mid-Atlantic Training Conference and other travels. We had a conference call with other coordinators for a couple of hours on Friday. I spent all day Saturday at our presbytery meeting where I gave a report on my work with RUF.

This week I head to Vermont and Rhode Island.

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