November 17, 2019 — Baltimore and Vermont

Last week began with a delightful lunch with our pastor and his wife, then I drove to Baltimore to be on hand for the meeting of the Chesapeake Presbytery the next day. Presbytery began at 8:00 AM. My role was to support the RUF committee in urging the presbytery to launch an RUF ministry at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). UMBC is one of the most important state schools in Maryland, and it would be strategic to have an RUF ministry there. Presbytery was scheduled to end at 12:30, but ran until almost 2:00 and the RUF committee was one of the last to take the floor. After the presbytery adjourned, the RUF committee met over lunch to plan next steps.

My next scheduled event was the Large Group Meeting at the University of Vermont Wednesday evening. I drove to Newark and spent Tuesday night there, and traveled the rest of the way to Burlington on Wednesday. John Meinen preached an excellent sermon. John is especially gifted at finding insightful and memorable ways to illustrate the text.

I spent the first part of Thursday with John discussing his ministry and the issues they are facing in Burlington. I met with his intern and finished the day with office work. The trip home occupied most of Friday.

Tomorrow I set off for the University of Connecticut and pastors in New Hanpshire. Ruth is coming along!

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