November 10, 2019 — Providence, RI

Last Monday I took a day off – a rare thing in the middle of the semester – but I thought it would help me finish the semester strong. I spent the afternoon getting the garden ready for winter. Tuesday was office work: reports, email, etc.

Wednesday I headed east toward Providence to visit the RUF ministry at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. I stopped in New York city for lunch with a friend, Jay Harvey, now Executive Director of Reformed Theological Seminary’s New York campus. I continued to Providence and that evening I attended the RUF leaders meeting. I met with an intern and several student leaders and attended the prayer meeeting on Thursday. I began Friday with Eddie Park, saw the other intern in the afternoon, and preached at the Large Group Meeting that night. This fall saw the largest influx ever of freshmen into Brown/RISD RUF, several of whom I met. It is a large, well-organized ministry, and the student leaders are very impressive. It was a rewarding visit and I returned home yesterday.

Tomorrow I head to Maryland to be on hand for an 8:00 AM meeting of the Chesapeake Presbytery, then head to Vermont.

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