July 21, 2019 — Home

Ruth and I are on our way to Dallas for a week of staff training. We will worship at Park Cities Presbyterian this morning, then get ready for the week. This week is a turning point in the summer. After staff training all our attention gets turned toward the fall semester.

I was in Bethlehem all last week wrapping up my summer projects. I finished the performance reviews for the most part and prepared for my role in staff training this week. The performance reviews were a huge project, but very good in acknowledging our progress in ministry. Beside these major tasks I met with local pastors, met with our local RUF committee, talked with a man interested in ministry with us, and joined a conference call with other coordinators. I spent most of yesterday in the yard and garden in preparation for a week away.

This week I’ll meet with all the men I supervise and go over their fall semester ministry plans. I’ve already begun planning my fall activites. When we return, that will be my primary focus.

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