July 15, 2019 — Maryland and Delaware

I spent the largest part of last week on performance reviews. I worked on the writing part on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday I drove to College Park, MD to discuss Chris Garriott’s review with him. The traffic was awful, and the 3-hour trip took 6 hours. Chris and I had a good visit, then I headed over to Dover, DE. That trip was uneventful and I arrived in time to take a 1.5 hour phone call from some elders who wanted to discuss our ministry.

I had a delightful time with Daryl Wattley Thursday morning, then headed home. That 2.5-hour trip took 5 hours and featured a flood on the Pennsyvania Turnpike. The cars in front of the water stared at it for a half hour, fearful of getting caught in the flood. Finally, someone ventured through – and made it! So the rest of us followed. My meetings with Chris and Daryl were wonderful, but the trip was exhausting.

Ruth and I left Friday morning for Morgantown, WV to visit Peter’s family. Christopher and Benjamin came down from Pittsburgh and Megan’s parents had arrived last month from Alaska. It was a happy houseful this weekend! Ruth and I returned today. My primary task this week is to get ready for staff training next week.

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