June 24, 2019 — Home and Philadelphia

I was based at home last week and worked two large projects. I assembled the June issue of the RUF Northeast Report, which should arrive in mailboxes next week. This is a special issue focusing on HBCUs. If you do not get our newsletter, but would like to – send an email to my office (northeast@ruf.org) and we will put you on the list. I continued working on performance reviews. I also drove to Philadelphia on two days, once to discuss a performance review with one of our ministers, and once to visit a pastor to discuss starting RUF in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia presbytery has been lukewarm toward RUF for a long time, but we’re hoping that is about to change. I had a very encouraging meeting about this.

In addition to keeping up with the routine emails, etc. I whittled away at home and garden chores to catch up from all the rainy weather and to prepare for another week away. I am presently en route to Dallas for the General Assembly of the PCA. The internet service on this airplane is not working, so I will have to post this report when I land. I will return on Friday, the same day Christopher is scheduled to arrive for a short visit.

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