June 18, 2019 — Driving West

I am in the midst of Performance Reviews on the men I supervise. It’s a huge project, which is why I am late with this report. Also trying to catch up/keep up with house and garden chores which languish when I am away. Each minister fills out an evaluation form for the past year. I add my own comments and observations. Then we sit down together and agree on a conclusion about the year. I think it is a very valuable process, but it takes time. All our ministers are doing excellent work!

I’ve been working on my comments for each man’s review throughout the month. Last week I drove to Harrisburg, Indiana (PA), Pittsburgh, and Akron (OH) to meet with the ministers in those cities. I will meet with those close by in the following weeks. I made the trip west in two days, renting a car and flying home from Akron late at night. It was a quick trip and felt a bit rushed, but I had a wonderful time meeting those men.

I expect to be sporting a halo soon. Last week I helped Ruth go through her clothes and weed out and reorganize them. In truth, I need to do the same. But I’m drawing the line at her jewelry.

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