November 12, 2017 — A Busy Fall

Have you been wondering what happened to me since my last post? I hope so! October and November have been super packed, and not having a resident assistant has kept me busy non-stop.

The second week of October I visited Penn State and Pitt and the solid RUFs there. At Pitt I had lunch with two impressive young men who are considering ministry. I returned home for a Celtic party on Saturday and a mission conference on Sunday. The next week I enjoyed visiting UConn and Vermont and their two growing RUF ministries. That weekend I raced back to Lancaster to help with the Mid-Atlantic training conference, capably led by Trip Beans. It was a tiring, but wonderful weekend.

The fourth week of October I flew to Atlanta for intern training, where I taught two sessions. From Atlanta I flew to Pittsburgh to promote RUF at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I always enjoy interacting with those seminary students. With nothing scheduled for Friday, I decided to drive the short distance to Morgantown, WV, to help Peter with some renovations on the house they bought last summer. We had a very productive day and I flew home via Detroit on Saturday.

On Sunday, October 29, Ruth flew to Florida to visit a second cousin of mine whose health is failing. I don’t know how the day flew by, but I was occupied the whole time. On Monday I drove to State College, PA, for the Mid-Atlantic staff meeting. I returned that night and left on Tuesday for New England. My primary destination was Brown University, but I also met pastors and staff in New York, Boston, and Coventry while in the area. Ruth went to Maryland to visit Daniel, Ginny, and Victoria for the weekend of November 3-5, so I stayed in New England. Saturday was the first unscheduled day for months, and it was very refreshing. I worshiped with Christ Presbyterian in New Haven on Sunday, then had a delightful dinner with Lehigh alum Ronnie Ani and his family who just moved to Connecticut.

Last Monday we had our New England staff meeting, and I drove home on Tuesday in time to orient my new assistant and preach at Lehigh. The last half of the week I visited the RUF at the University of Maryland. After a couple of sluggish years that ministry is really thriving!

Ruth is with me now as we fly to Atlanta for a coordinators meeting and holiday party. We’ll return on Wednesday in time for Ruth to teach her co-op class. With an assistant now, I hope life will return to normally busy!

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