October 9, 2017 — Atlanta, Morgantown, and Grove City

Two weeks ago while I was in Mexico, Ruth was playing with the grandchildren in Bethlehem. Megan flew from Alaska to Philadelphia with Eli, Amelia, and Isaac on Tuesday, September 26. They spent the week with Ruth, who took them to the zoo, to the park, and to the pumpkin patch. I returned from Mexico at midnight Saturday. I had a few hours with them on Sunday, then I flew out again to the fall meeting of the RUF national oversight committee in Atlanta. Megan and the children drove to Morgantown, WV, last Monday while I attended meetings.

Our oversight committee discussed some possible changes and improvements in certain policies, and we Area Coordinators gave reports of God’s work in our areas. After that meeting the Area Coordinators met to discuss possible candidates for open or soon-to-be-open campuses. All the national staff met on Wednesday, and I was able to get an early flight home that afternoon.

Ruth and I took a couple of days last week to visit our children. On Thursday we drove to Morgantown to see Peter and Megan in their new house. Then we spent the weekend with Benjamin at Grove City College’s Homecoming. We drove home on Sunday.

This week I will be back out in western Pennsylvania visiting RUFs at Penn State and Pitt.

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