September 3, 2017 — Ready to Roll!

August was a relatively quiet month. I sent out a newsletter to Lehigh University supporters explaining the transition from Scott Mitchell to Michael Goodlin. I visited several local pastors I’ve been trying to see but never seem to be able to. I spent a lot of time cleaning up my mailing list. And there’s my daily exercise. I’ve been discharged from physical therapy, but I’m supposed to continue the exercises. I found a way to compress them from three hours per day to two hours, but that is still a sizable portion of my time. I’m seeing steady progress, but there’s still room for improvement. In addition, I’ve been keeping active swimming, working in the yard, and helping Benjamin stain the arbor over our patio.

In March RUF lost our Assistant Coordinator, John Stone. He had been with RUF since 1992 and played a significant role in our ministry. Late in August the new Assistant Coordinator was announced – John Pearson. John Pearson has been the Area Coordinator for Virginia and the Carolinas since 2007 and knows RUF very well. One of his first acts was to call for a meeting of all the Area Coordinators, since we had not been together more than briefly since January. So last Wednesday I flew to Atlanta for a Thursday meeting.

I will be heading to Lancaster on Thursday to see a pastor, but my primary interest this week is to check up on Lehigh. I’ll attend their Large Group meeting on Tuesday night, and meet with new campus minister Michael Goodlin on Wednesday to see how he’s doing so far. I also need to send out a newsletter to my personal supporters.

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