February 19, 2017 — Assessment

We finally arrived in Atlanta last Sunday, after one flight cancellation and a couple of delays. We got to bed before midnight, which was good because RUF Assessment began at 8:00 AM the next morning. Assessment went well, and now we have another group of men who are approved for RUF ministry.

Ruth and I flew home on Thursday. I spent Friday on assessment reports, emails, phone calls, and communication with other coordinators and committee members about filling current campus openings. For several weeks I will be very busy working on securing a minister for IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) and Rowan University in New Jersey. Pray that we find the right men for these campuses.

Someone wants to join our RUF Mexico team! Saturday I drove to Philadelphia and met with a couple who want to do campus ministry in Mexico. They are in seminary now, but have been to Mexico five (5) times! It was an encouraging conversation. I put them in touch with our people in Mexico, and we will continue to discuss this. Meanwhile, at this moment another man, a pastor in the PCA who is currently leading an Hispanic congregation, is in Mexico City with our team there. He also is considering joining RUF in Mexico! Pray for God to call many people into the important campus work in Mexico!

This week I am heading to Dover to see Daryl and Laria Wattley at Delaware State University, then to Newport, RI, for the RUF New England Winter Conference next weekend.