February 12, 2017 — Vermont and Snowstorm

Ruth and I are spending all Sunday afternoon in the cozy, romantic Allentown/Bethlehem airport. Our 1:25 flight was delayed, then canceled. We’re heading to Atlanta for RUF assessment, and the first meeting was to be tonight at 8:30. At present we are scheduled to arrive in Atlanta at 9:30 this evening. We’ll miss tonight’s meeting, but at least we should be there for tomorrow morning.

It’s that time of year where travel is unpredictable. My drive to Burlington, Vermont, last Monday was uneventful. I had a beautiful evening with John Meinen and the students in his Monday night Bible study at the University of Vermont. We started Tuesday with breakfast at our favorite cafe and discussed the development of his ministry. I had lunch with Joseph Pensak, the local pastor and committee chairman. Large Group was that evening, followed by a delightful dinner with John and Megan. It snowed lightly all day, so I was glad I had taken my heavy wool coat. Several people remarked that it snows every time I go to Burlington. It is always a pleasure to visit Burlington, and to spend time with John and Megan and their students.

Next stop Wednesday was UConn. Lucas Dourado texted that snow was on the way, and we might find ourselves snowed in by Thursday. We decided to reschedule the visit for April, and I headed home. I arrived in time to have dinner with Ruth!

We got 7″ of snow on Thursday, and some places got more. It seems like the right decision to postpone the UConn visit. Ruth was glad to see me, but I suspect that had more to do with my availability to shovel snow than romantic companionship. I mixed chores and office work, finishing my preparation for RUF assessment coming up. We decided we had done enough work for the week and went out to see the movie Lion on Saturday afternoon.

So I hope this next flight works and we get to Atlanta at a reasonable hour today. We’ll fly home on Thursday – I hope!