November 29, 2015 — Thanksgiving

I was home all last week. I crossed six items off my project list! I joined the local PCA pastors for lunch on Monday, worked on the upcoming RUF newsletter, began a newsletter for New Jersey pastors to rally support for our new ministry at Rowan University, and handled miscellaneous office matters. I also saw a movie with Benjamin and his roommate.

They began coming during the day on Wednesday, and by Thursday afternoon we had 21 people here for Thanksgiving. All of Ruth’s brothers and most of their families were here. It was crazy, but fun. Ruth and I crashed after dinner, but the children stayed up late playing board games. Christopher was the last to leave late this afternoon.

Next week I’m heading back to western Pennsylvania. I have three days of meetings concerning possible RUF ministries at Frostburg University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Grove City College. I’ll be back in time for meeting two seminary students on Thursday to discuss working with RUF. Pray for God to launch these new ministries!