June 29, 2015 — Excursion to Newfoundland

I briefly considered not posting this week, because there isn’t a lot to say about last week. As I reported, last Sunday we discovered that Benjamin’s passport had expired. On Monday morning we gathered all the material to apply for a new one, and I drove it to an expediting service in Washington D.C. I worked with Bonnie Mitchell, our new assistant, in the office on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Then I flew to Newfoundland on Wednesday for the underwater robotics competition, hoping that Benjamin would be able to follow the next day.

I had a good time in Newfoundland. The weather was unrelentingly cold and rainy, but our team was in good spirits. Unfortunately, Benjamin never made it. The State Department has been slower than usual processing passport applications, and his finally came on Saturday.

This week I need to prepare for July. I have to get ready for RUF Assessment next week, plan a quick trip to Maryland, and get ready for Staff Training at the end of the month. Pray that I have a productive week!