June 23, 2015 — New England New Campuses

Last week I went to New England to take care of a few things I missed in April. I had a pleasant dinner with Solomon and Jane Kim on Tuesday, and with Eddie and Annie Park on Wednesday. The Parks are learning how to manage a house full of three boys, but Eddie is well-established in the ministry at Brown. Solomon and Jane are still settling into the rhythm of campus ministry. They’re all doing very well.

Wednesday morning I met with David Richter and Bob Sawyer to discuss a possible ministry at Tufts University. David is planting a church in Somerville near Tufts, and several students are attending. Tufts has a reputation for being a difficult place to do ministry, but I think RUF’s approach will work well there. We have students, we have a church, we have the will – what we are lacking is the money. Last year we started ministries at MIT and Boston University – and that is tapping most of the immediate resources. Pray for funding for Tufts!

Thursday I talked with people interested in Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI. Here we have 30 students meeting in a couple of Bible studies and coming to the RUF meeting at Brown! They have even formed a registered RUF group on campus. Again, we are strapped financially. J&W seems even more ready for a campus minister, but even less likely to find funding. Pray for Johnson and Wales!

On Friday and Saturday I finished the latest Northeast newsletter and posted the new staff on our Northeast website – two big projects! Since it rained a lot, I put off yard work until this week.

This week Benjamin and I are scheduled to go to Newfoundland, Canada for the international competition of his underwater robotics team. However we discovered on Sunday that his passport had expired, so we are scrambling to get a new one in time to get to Canada for the competition. Pray for us!