April 28, 2015 — Mexico!

After my father’s funeral on April 16 I stayed in Maryland and spent some time with my brothers that night and the following morning. Friday evening I had dinner with a man who is considering joining our ministry in Mexico City. He is a gifted individual who could be the answer to many fervent prayers for a minister at the university there.

Last Monday morning (April 20) I left early to go to Mexico. Our campus minister left there three years ago, and the ministry has been hanging on ever since. Zurielly Martinez has played the major role, and several local pastors have preached each week. But Zurielly is engaged and this is her final semester in Mexico.

Last week was packed, and you would not remain interested if I told all that happened. Remember that RUF does not work overseas. In other countries we act as assistants and advisors to our colleagues in Mission to the World (MTW), our denomination’s mission board. On Wednesday the MTW director for Mexico came to Mexico City. We met with two local Mexican pastors at breakfast, and a youth pastor, Barush, at lunch. Barush is very gifted, but has little experience in university ministry. The plan is to hire Barush and Monse to lead the ministry this year, while we seek to secure a full-time campus minister. Monse is a graduate of the Mexico City ministry and understands how the ministry operates. The local pastors will continue to preach each week.

Everyone is satisfied and hopeful for the future of this ministry. There are a lot of variables, and it could easily founder, but we are trusting God to work everything out. Please pray that God help us!

I returned home on Saturday. This week I am working in the office and around the house to get ready for our trip to Florida. Ruth and I leave this coming Saturday for three weeks of RUF Summer Conference in Panama City, FL.