April 6, 2015 — Working from home

After my trip to College Park last Monday for the meeting of the Mid-Atlantic RUF ministers, I spent the rest of the week at home. I worked through some office matters and attended to house projects that get shelved while I’m traveling. For example, while taking branches to recycling in the trunk of the Honda, I discovered a puddle of water under the spare tire. Now I’m working on finding and fixing the leak.

Ruth’s father had a stroke the previous Saturday and is not doing well. Her brothers came to visit on Friday and we had a good time with the Feaver family over the weekend. A highlight was watching Duke beat Michigan State with Ruth’s brother Peter who is a professor at Duke.

With all the commotion everyone forgot that Benjamin was expected to deliver a short Easter homily during the Sunday School hour. He remembered five minutes before the program began, so we and sat down and composed something. He gave a credible message, and one person told me how much it spoke to her!

This week I’m scheduled to visit Chris Garriott at the University of Maryland and Daryl Wattley at Delaware State University. I stopped off to see my father on the way. I may have to cut this visit short and return home to be with Ruth’s father.