July 24, 2022 — And End and a Beginning

Last week presbytery approved our call to join a team in Southeast Asia! It seemed like a long process, but the committee that evaluated the call works very hard and were very supportive of us. I’m grateful for their hard work!

Speaking of long, I spent long hours last week editing my contact lists in preparation for a new ministry and serious fund-raising. Ruth and I had a delightful time with our future team leader and his wife who are here in the States briefly. This week I hope to complete most of the editing of contact lists, prepare a newsletter explaining our new direction, and begin contacting churches.

In the fall I taught a Sunday School class on worship. Audio and video recordings of those lessons are now available here.

I began this blog a year and a half ago as we moved from 22 years with RUF into uncharted territory. In that time we’ve ministered in conferences, had numerous 1-1 meetings, launched our church website, preached over a dozen times, traveled to Southeast Asia, and many other things while exploring God’s next ministry for us. Now that that issue is settled, I will suspend this blog and move into that new ministry. If you wish to know more about our future plans, please contact me at cdavidgreen@gmail.com.

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