November 28, 2021 — Wrapping Up

We’re wrapping up around here. I finished my December newsletter and it’s in the mail. (You can read it here.) We had our last Bible study of the year and I finished preparations for my Sunday school class. I produced the last liturgy of the Pentecost Season and the first of Advent.

Campus ministries are in their final weeks. Last week Ruth and I had a wonderful visit with Derek and Luda Bates, and Callie Miller at the University of Pittsburgh. We spent Thanksgiving with Peter and his family in Morgantown, West Virginia, and caught up on the latest in their ministry at West Virginia University. Christopher and Benjamin joined us, and Megan and her mother produced a magnificent Thanksgiving feast. We had a grand time!

I turned over the garden, weeded the flower beds one last time, and helped Ruth with her favorite fall chore — raking leaves. Now we are faced with wrapping Christmas presents — a pleasant task. It’s time also to begin preparing for next year.

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