November 14, 2021 — At home

Last week I accomplished my primary tasks. I spent the first half of the week preparing the December newsletter. The postal service has been slow all year, and with the holidays approaching, it was important to get this to the printers soon. The last half of the week was devoted to preparing my sermon for this morning. I preached on the gospel text in our lectionary: Mark 13:1-8. Title: “A Better Temple.” The recording should be posted tonight, so you should be able to access it tomorrow here. Ruth attended a Bible conference in Quakertown with a few people from our church this weekend while I wrapped up my work.

We had several meetings about our next ministry. God seems to be calling us to train campus ministers overseas, so we are working on the details of how to do that. Tonight I spent a couple of hours on the Reformed Lectionary project. I need to invest a few more hours to finish it.

The highlight of this week is our presbytery meeting on Tuesday.

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