December 27, 2020 — Christmastide in Morgantown!

We’re in the middle of the Christmas Season. Ruth and I have been visiting Peter and his family in Morgantown, WV since last Wednesday. Ruth has fun playing with the grandchildren, and I’m having fun helping Peter build a bathroom in their basement. Stephen and Benjamin joined us for several days. We had a glorious snowstorm on Christmas Eve and the very low temperatures have secured its persistence. With churches having canceled their Christmas Eve services, we had a service as a family. I accompanied the singing on the clarinet the boys gave me as a Christmas present last year.

Christmastide lasts until Epiphany, but we’ll head back to Bethlehem later this week. We hope to see my brothers in Hagerstown, MD on the way. Computers and internet make it possible for RUF people to stay in touch wherever we are, and I need to construct my 2021 budget this week.

I hope you also are enjoying a delightful Christmas!

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