December 20, 2020 — Snowbound!

We weren’t snowbound the whole week, but the foot of snow that fell on Wednesday affected everything. Perhaps a more accurate title for this post would be “Preparation.” On Monday I completed the first draft of my spring travel plans and sent it to the campus ministers for review. On Tuesday I joined the other Area Coordinators on a Zoom meeting to decide where next year’s interns will be placed. I finally caught up on email as the snow fell on Wednesday. I spent Thursday shoveling snow from our property and several neighbors, with a break for a Zoom meeting of Area Coordinators to discuss the budget process for 2021. Every spare moment this week was taken up with the details of wrapping up the fall semester and getting ready for the spring.

Only five more days until Christmas! I finished up things at home, packed, and headed to Morgantown, WV on Friday. I got a late start and didn’t arrive until 10:30 PM. Peter and I are installing a bathroom in his basement. I spent hours yesterday scraping paint off the concrete floor in preparation for laying tile. Expressions of sympathy are welcome! Stephen flew into Philadelphia last night, and he and Ruth will be joining us in a day or two. Benjamin will drive down from Pittsburgh later this week. Meanwhile, there are present to wrap!

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