December 13, 2020 — State College

It was a great week! We prayed, we sang, we studied the Bible, we discussed ministry, we ate, we enjoyed being together. Most of the RUF campus ministers in the Mid-Atlantic came to State College from Monday to Thursday for our December Staff Retreat. A few judged it not safe to come, so they joined us by video. Daryl Wattley came with a huge trunk of video equipment and set up a magnificant video connection. Cam Smith, RUF Campus Minister for Penn State, arranged the facilities and restaurants. Nate Bower organized an amazing evening of food and games. Peter preached a powerful sermon and several others led Bible studies and devotional messages. I prepared the program and led the retreat. We wore masks the whole time and ate in huge restaurants that were mostly empty. So far we seem to have escaped an encounter with COVID. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us!

I returned Thursday night, and spent a couple of hours with Kristy on Friday. She runs the office and does a wonderful job, which enables me to give my full attention to the campus ministers. We reviewed her job description and considered a few minor changes to make things run more smoothly.

This week I transition to the spring semester. I hope to sketch out the first draft of a travel schedule for January to May.

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