December 6, 2020 — Bethlehem

I was home all last week. Two big projects filled the time. I read and commented on reports from all of our campus ministers. This has been an erratic semester. Some ministries struggled to accomplish much, and others seemed to flourish. All the campus ministers worked hard. It was a stark reminder that “God builds the house.” We have a great group of campus ministers, and it was a pleasure to read and respond to their reports.

Every day I spent time working on the other big project: our staff retreat starting tomorrow. With incidents of COVID infection rising, we were not sure we should meet at all. I had to get ready in case we decided to go ahead, so I worked on devotional meditations, training sessions, and spent hours on the logistics for lodging and meals. On Friday we decided to do it. It’s optional, and a few people cannot join us. Everyone who could get tested did. We’ll all wear masks and sit six feet apart in a large room, with a video hook-up for those who can’t come. It doesn’t sound very cosy, but it sounds better than staying home by ourselves.

I’m heading out to State College first thing tomorrow, returning Thursday night. We’re looking forward to a great week!

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