November 29, 2020 — Thanksgiving!

We had a grand Thanksgiving! Ruth and I were with Peter’s family. Ruth played with the grandchildren and I helped with some projects. One take-home lesson: if you agree to saw logs for someone, make sure he gives you a chainsaw with a sharp chain! Megan and her mother, Chris, prepared a wonderful feast and we had a happy holiday.

I’m back in the living room, listening to “A Song of Thanksgiving” by Ralph Vaughan Williams and typing on my speedy laptop computer. It needed a new screen, and now it’s as good as ever. We finished the winter newsletter. Now we’re at the mercies of the U.S. Postal Service to deliver it to you. If you don’t get our quarterly newsletter, but would like to, send an email to us at

I talked to several men last week who are interested in RUF in the Mid-Atlantic. A total of five qualified men have contacted me. Unfortunately for them, we have no openings at the moment. Would you pray for God to provide new RUF groups for these men to serve?

At this point our staff retreat is still on. We’ll make a decision later this week whether we need to cancel it or not. Meanwhile we continue to prepare. I’ll also be reading and responding to the campus reports coming in this week.

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