February 4, 2019 — State College

Last week began with a meeting with the new chairman of the RUF Committee of the Susquehanna Presbytery. Owen Hughes is the associate pastor of Oakwood Presbyterian Church in State College. We had a delightful morning, and I learned that his father had once pastored the church nearest Grove City College where Benjamin worships, and that he had enrolled at Grove City. Joe Dentici has accepted a call to Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC this summer, so the RUF committee needs to begin the process of selecting someone to lead RUF at Penn State. On Tuesday I visited with Dan Kiehl, the pastor of Oakwood, who showed me the impressive additions and improvements to the church building.

I had a good couple of days with Joe, and dinner with his family Monday night. Tuesday morning we had breakfast with his student leaders, and we had a good discussion about managing the transition to a new campus minister. Joe will stay through May and the next man will take over in June. Tuesday evening we attended a student-led Bible study in Colossians, and encountered Sam George, a student from our church. Joe and I had an opportunity to reflect on my visit over breakfast Wednesday before I headed home. Joe is doing good work at Penn State, and we will greatly miss him and Melissa.

I arrived in the Lehigh Valley in time to do a few chores before dinner. While in State College I had finished the latest family newsletter and a fund-raising letter. There was a lot of office work that filled the rest of the week. I compiled the mailing list, read materials submitted by the men coming to RUF assessment next week and called references, wrote a report for our national oversight committee, took several phone calls, etc. Friday night we had dinner with a couple interested in serving with RUF in the Northeast.

I am waiting for take-off in the plane to Akron, Ohio where I will be visiting Nate and Naomi Bower at the University of Akron for the next few days.

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