September 9, 2018 — Ready to Roll!

Last week I said I would be wrapping things up here at home so that I could hit the road this week. Well, I’m still wrapping! But I’m definitely heading out on Tuesday.

I finally heard from some people I was waiting on, and was able to move ahead with planning my fall travel. A lot is still undecided, but the next several weeks and the trip to Mexico are in place. I caught up with a supporter last week, had a good afternoon with Michael Goodlin here at Lehigh, and wrote to supporters. Otherwise I spent the week getting the house and office ready for the constant travel of the next three months.

I’ve been hearing from campus ministers all over the Northeast, and God seems to be blessing RUF this year with remarkable growth. Some stories are on our RUF Northeast website here. I’m eager to get out there and see for myself! This week I’ll visit Indiana University of Pennsylvania and University of Akron.