December 9, 2017 — Staff Training!

Facebook has little on it today but pictures of snow in the south – even in Texas! It must be true if it’s on Facebook, but even the mainstream news appears to support these reports. Some of our RUF people have been having trouble getting flights out of Denver into Southeastern airports, but everyone seems to be getting there eventually. I’m flying home now, via Atlanta. I had a 20 minute delay, but otherwise my travel plans appear to remain intact.

We had a wonderful week at staff training. We use a hotel in Westminster, which is between Denver and Boulder – so there are nice opportunities for dining and relaxation when we aren’t in meetings. I met with the men I supervise on Monday afternoon, taught second year ministers on Tuesday morning, and taught first year ministers on Wednesday morning. On Thursday morning the Area Coordinators and the Intern Department placed the intern applicants whom we had interviewed. RUF’s overseas operations are growing, and I had a pleasant dinner with eight RUF-G ministers and staff. I also had dinners with the Mid-Atlantic staff and the New England staff. Otherwise I filled the week with individual meetings with the men I supervise and others who wished to see me. I got enough rest and most of the exercise I needed. Praise God for such a good week!

Next week I’ll be heading back to New England to visit some pastors and some universities where they want to start RUF ministries. And that will be all for 2017!

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