July 29, 2017 — Staff Training

Ruth and I are flying home after a great week at staff training in Atlanta. I met with all the men I supervise, plus a man who is interested in starting RUF at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Our men are in top shape for the new year coming up, and it was encouraging to go over their plans with them. Ruth and I had dinner with Peter and Lauren Dishman who are now doing RUF in Columbia, South America. Everyone has been praying for me to recover from my stroke, and we received a very warm welcome.

We usually stay Friday night and fly home Saturday to catch any late meetings, and this time we had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours Friday afternoon with Zurielly and Collin Jennings. They just completed MTW assessment and were approved for overseas work yesterday morning. Zury was our staff woman in Mexico City until she married Collin and moved to France with him two years ago. Now they are hoping to start RUF in Senegal. We had a wonderful conversation.

Peter Green had a late flight, so we had dinner with him, then tumbled into bed. I think Peter had a good week, and it was very nice to run into him between meetings. I missed a couple of exercise sessions this week, but found I had full energy for the work. Praise God!

I don’t have scheduled RUF events in August, but I have a lot of odds and ends and preparation for the fall – plus keep up with therapy exercises.

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