October 9, 2016 — Atlanta and Millersville

Last Sunday I landed in Atlanta at 10:00 PM and took the subway to the hotel. I arrived about 11:00 PM, to discover that the hotel had stopped running their shuttle van after 10:00 PM. So I walked. I got to sleep soon after midnight.

Monday and Tuesday were occupied with meetings with the RUF national oversight committee. I was looking forward to some free hours, but they got consumed with email and phone calls about the new ministries we are starting in the Northeast. Good conversations, and I’m glad I was free to have them. On Wednesday the coordinators and other national staff met and discussed, among other things, filling open campus positions. I had another late flight Wednesday night, but the free hours waiting for it enabled me to prepare the sermon I was to preach on Sunday.

On Thursday I met with another pastor in New Jersey and was pleased to hear that his church is likely to contribute generously to RUF at Rowan University. Praise God! Then I drove to Lancaster for dinner with a potential candidate for one of our open campuses to discuss next steps. Pray for God to help us as we seek to open new RUF ministries!

At 8:30 PM I went to the Large Group meeting at Millersville University. Like Vermont, they had a Large Group meeting once per month last spring and are meeting weekly this fall. Trip Beans preached a fine sermon from the Sermon on the Mount, the music as very good, and the meeting was well attended. I spent Friday with Trip and met several of his students. Ruth drove to Lancaster and joined Trip, Joy, and me for dinner. Pray for God to continue growing Millersville RUF!

We had hoped to go to our church’s block party on Saturday, but we needed the whole day to take care of chores at home and get ready for next week. Today Ruth and I drove to Scranton where I preached at Hope PCA for their missions weekend. Tomorrow I will drive to Pittsburgh, and Wednesday to Akron, Ohio to visit the RUF ministries there.