June 20, 2016 — Office

Last week was pretty quiet around here. The biggest excitement was trying to file expense reports. Bonnie usually does that, but she’s on vacation now so I tried my hand at it. After three aborted attempts I finally succeeded.

The good news is that I accomplished my two major projects: the June newsletter and an article on small groups. I sent the newsletter to the printer last night. If you want to get this newsletter and aren’t, send an email request to northeast@ruf.org. Otherwise last week I dealt with routine matters like straightening out a fraud report on my credit card.

Now Ruth and I are on our way to Mobile, Alabama for the General Assembly of the PCA. This year we expect a follow-up to last year’s vigorous discussion on race – repenting of past sins and affirming minority people among us. In addition to the scheduled business, I have appointments lined up to discuss RUF work. Please pray for our General Assembly this week.