Track Descriptions

Knowing and Growing in Grace:

Do you want to learn how to follow Christ while at college? This track will show you how. We will cover such topics as the nature of God, man, and sin; how God saves us in Christ; and how we live the Christian life: focusing on Bible study, prayer, and relationships.

Bible Survey:

Are large parts of the Bible a mystery to you? Do you feel lost in the Old Testament? Do you get Philippians and Philemon mixed up? This track will cover the books, characters, and themes of the whole Bible to make you feel more at home in the scripture.

How to Study the Bible:

Some parts of the Bible are confusing and others are just misunderstood. How do you make sense out of this ancient document? This track will teach you principles of sound Bible study and provide two workshops to develop your skills.

How to Share Your Faith:

Have you ever struggled to give a clear answer to someone who asks you why you are a Christian? What would you say to someone who asked you how to become a Christian? This track will teach you how to share your faith with friends and classmates. Several workshops will give you ample opportunity to practice the skills you will learn.

Leading Bible Studies:

This track is mainly for students leading or aspiring to lead in a ministry, but others may benefit, too. We will review the process of studying the Bible, then cover the process of preparing and leading a Bible study. There will be several workshops to practice what is being taught.

Prerequisite: “How to Study the Bible”

Training Disciples:

This track is for students who are leading others. Our focus will be on training people to serve in Christ’s Kingdom. First we will discuss principles of training, then there will be a workshop to design a plan to train someone.

Prerequisite: Approval of your campus minister.

Foundations of RUF:

This track is important for people taking a leadership role in RUF and will be beneficial for anyone who wants to understand RUF better. We will cover our basic beliefs, purpose and goals, principles of spiritual growth, and the dynamics of maintaining a healthy group.